Sun City Men's Golf Association

Sun City, AZ

Maximum number of strokes on any hole for ALL golfers-

The maximum number of strokes on any hole for ALL golfers is a triple bogie. If your laying double bogie, pick your ball up and move to the next tee. Score a triple bogie for the hole on your scorecard.

Overseeding schedule-

South, Lakes East, Willowcreek, and Riverview will be closed Wednesday Sept 30, Oct 7 and Oct 14.  If you want to play at an open course, you are responsible to get your own tee time. Notify the course monitor prior to your tee time to be eligible for the play of the day.

North, Lakes West, Willowbrook, and Quail Run will be close Oct 21, Oct 28 and Nov 4 and members will also have to make their own tee times.

Beginning Wednesday September 16th, the SCMGA will be using the new updated handicaps. Click HERE for information about this change.

Click HERE for even more information.

Click "HERE" to view/print Wednesday Local Rules in effect until otherwise notified.


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