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Ready Golf Guidelines

Sun City Men's Golf Association

Ready Golf refers to a method for golfers to speed up play without rushing or hurrying shots. Ready Golf means that each golfer within a group hits when ready, rather than always playing “honors”. Ready golf includes thinking ahead so you are ready to play when it’s your turn. Here are some ready golf guidelines golfers could use to keep play moving.


  • Tee off as soon as the group ahead is clear.

  • Shorter hitters should hit first.

  • The player who is ready should hit.

  • Carry an extra ball in your pocket.

  • Hit a provisional ball if your first ball appears to be in trouble.

  • The other players should watch your shot.


  • Don’t everyone “cluster” at one ball.  Go to your own ball.

  • Don’t wait in the cart while your cartmate hits and then drive to your ball. Get out and walk to your ball with a few clubs. (Park between two fairy close balls and both players should walk to their balls.) Be ready to play when it is your turn and then let your cartmate pick you up. Or, drive to your ball after you drop your cartmate off and then pick them up after you hit.

  • While waiting to hit, players should survey their shot, select their club, and get ready to make their shot when it is their turn.

  •  If you see another player is ready to hit, whether you’re away or not, point to them to go ahead.  Take your practice swings now if it does not disturb the player hitting.  The other players should watch the shot then go through their routine and swing away.

  • The other players should watch your shot.

  • Helping To Find Lost Balls - It is important that everyone try to help out to find a lost ball in order to keep play moving. Other players should help after hitting their shots, not before. The player who is closest to the pin and scheduled to hit last should be the first to help the player whose ball is lost, while the players who are farthest away from the pin should play their shots first. When the players farthest away have played their shots, they should resume looking for the lost ball, while the players who are closest should get ready to play their shots. Limit lost ball search to 3 minutes. If you are looking for your lost ball, declare you are going back to hit a provisional while the rest of the group continues to look for the ball.



  • Mark your ball and lift and clean it when you arrive at the putting green so you will be ready to replace it when it’s your turn to play.

  • Players should line up their putts while other players are putting, so they're ready to putt when it's their turn. A good rule of thumb is to get your putt off in 20 seconds from when it’s you turn to putt until you make the putt.

  • If the farthest away has not yet reached their ball or read their putt and others are ready to putt, they should go ahead and putt while the away player makes a read.

  • Continue putting until holed out.  Don’t mark unless you will step on someone’s line or it’s a really tricky putt.

  • Always leave clubs at the back or side of the Green closest to your golf bag.



  • Record scores at the next tee.

  • Put your clubs in your bag at the next tee instead of when you come off the green.

  • Volunteer to fill in a divot or rake a bunker for another player if needed. Be ready to attend the flagstick for others.


Remember - The goal of ready golf is to stay up to the group in front of you – not ahead of the group behind you.

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